Thursday, July 11, 2013

to Quinn Walker Metz

Be careful there's a baby in the house
And a baby will not be fooled
It's a thing brand new that does what it wants to
Until you get it schooled

Look out mama
Look out dad
Your bundle of joy will not be had

-- Loudon Wainwright III

That about sums it up my friends.

Just over a month ago the entirety of my immediate family looked like this:

Hello family!
 Oh, the times they are a changin'.  On June 10, 2013 in Merriam, Kansas USA my son Quinn Walker Metz first saw the light of day.

First pic

Eyes wide open

First bath

Bath wore him out

Pretty happy
A VERY non-comprhensive list of the people who love him already:




Cousin Reagan

Aunt Suzee
Uncle Zeke
Grandma Nat
Aunt Linda
Uncle Mitch
Uncle Steve
Aunt Tiff (although you'd not know it as he cries and cries)
Aunt JuJu
And then there's the wildcard:
Big Brother
A lot of warnings had been issued, formally and informally, by people we know and people we don't, on how adding an additional family member can be received by an elder sibling.  Now, fully biased I'll admit, Max has been the greatest son in the world.  A challenge at many turns, sure, but he's a happy boy.  He eats well and is mostly potty trained.  He goes to bed reasonably well (he uses one shout out per night Cash Cab style).  Much of this could be in flux we were told.  Would young Max resent his brother?  Would he act out in efforts for attention?  Would his going to bed regress or would he begin utilizing his underwear more than toilets for potty time?

No, he would not.




Max even let him go to the Zoo with us and ride the train.

Ain't mad at ya

This past month's been a whirlwind, but we're all, especially Big Brother, very happy to finally have our family complete.  I'm confident there are challenges ahead (reverse-jinx), but the Metz clan is happy there's a baby in the house. 

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