Thursday, July 11, 2013

to Quinn Walker Metz

Be careful there's a baby in the house
And a baby will not be fooled
It's a thing brand new that does what it wants to
Until you get it schooled

Look out mama
Look out dad
Your bundle of joy will not be had

-- Loudon Wainwright III

That about sums it up my friends.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh Boy

Max surprises me every day with the things he'll say.

Daddy: I need you to close your eyes and sleep.
Max: Daddy, I want you to worry about Daddy.  Is that a good idea?

Turn about is fair play it seems.

Daddy: Can we stop by the bottle shop on the way home?
Max: Do you need beer, Daddy?
Daddy: Yes.
Max: No, let's go home. You can drink wine.

Odd.  I don't drink wine and Lindsay hasn't in about eight months.

He had an accident (He always says, "It's just an accident, Daddy. It's ok," even when things aren't, you know, an accident.) at Aunt Cindy's house and we had slacked in providing her enough changes of clothes.  He was wearing some serious high water pants that she had from a long time ago.  No big deal, probably felt good to wear some capris with the weather warming up.

Daddy: You're wearing some small pants!
Max:  It's ok, Daddy.  They're my brother's.

I'm thinking he might be shocked to see how little this baby really is.

He very much likes to play a games in which he can bonk or "boing" things as he calls it.  This is good and well when the target is a balloon or a ball which is usually the case.  He was walking through a store (I'm guessing Target) with Mommy the other day and they happened across some sort of Princess balloon, Cinderella maybe.

Max:  Get her down from there, I'm going to boing her.
Mommy:  (in head) Get me out of here.

He's very curious about the baby in Mommy's belly.  Sometimes he pretends he has a baby in his belly who he has named Ferner.

Max:  Can we get that baby out?
Daddy: Not yet. The baby is not ready.
Max: How will we get that baby out?
Daddy:  When the baby is ready we'll go to the doctor and she'll help get that baby out.

This was sufficient a few times.

Max: How will we get that baby out?
Mommy: The doctor will help us.
Max: You don't have a door on your tummy.
Mommy: No, I don't.
Max: Where's your door, Mommy?

Oh. Boy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Diggers. Always the Diggers.

"I like the backhoe, you like the bulldozer, and Mommy likes the dump truck,"  Max says to me at least daily.  This is a bit misleading since he likes the graders, rollers, excavators, Bobcats, forklifts, mini-excavators, front-end loaders, and the bulldozers, little bulldozers, scrapers, and dump trucks as well.  We've had two construction sites and some roadwork on our route all summer and I get the full tour each time we pass as he calls each out by name as he sees them.  Gleefully.  I even get scolded by my two year old son if I attempt to turn before getting to the construction sites (sometimes it seemed reasonable to avoid waiting at stoplights--it's not worth the few minutes of time savings I assure you).

Max had a plate full of different foods the other day.

Me:  "What's you favorite?"
Max:  "Diggerrrrz!"

It makes me wonder if he knows the meaning of the word favorite if used separately from the subject of diggers.  He did make a Father's Day card for me that said, "I love you more than Diggers."  That made me feel good even if I know there's no way it's true.

Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Years Old

Max had no fewer than three Birthday parties when he turned two last month.  I have photo evidence of portions of the celebration.

In Winfield, he had cupcake party.

The Cake
Two years old!
He was able to blow out the candle
Pretty happy
Feeding the ducks is a Winfield tradition
Maddy, Kate, and Ella were in attendance
He's a good helper in the garden

We played outside the whole trip

Cousin Laura dropped by for a brief birthday celebraish later that week.  Mitch came bearing gifts as well.
Reading the card
A bit confused by the newspaper wrap
A Jayhawk!
He got a bubble machine.  We use it pretty much every day.
He loves it
Max got a bounce house as well.  He hosted the whole family on the morning of his birthday.
Mitch came for a test run a few nights before
Ella, Isaac, Tim, Harry joined Max in jumping
And sliding
It's all just too exciting
Max and Ella
It was a donut party.
More candles
Digging in
The aftermath
He got a set of clubs from Gaga and Papa
Did I mention how exciting all of this was?
We also got back to the Zoo.  Good times.
Train rides
Ella on the carousel
Max on the carousel
Ella, Max and Mommies
Ella and Max

Saturday, February 25, 2012

to the Movies (Best of 2011)

I saw a lot of movies this past year, but for the second year in a row one movie in particular stood out above all of the others.  That's not to say it was a bad year for movies.  I thought it was a pretty strong year overall, though I did think is was a weak year for what passed as popular.  Five of my ten favorite were nominated for Best Picture so that might even be a little harsh on the 2011 film year.  I've outlined a few thoughts on everything I watched, including my ten favorite.  Check it out and let me know if you agree or disagree.

As a reminder, I'm not a movie critic--only a movie fan so even as some of my commentary may indicate one movie is better than others or best in some respects it actually only means I liked it better.  I should probably call the list my ten favorite, but ten best sounds more official.

Friday, February 24, 2012

back to the Border War (the final chapter)

So, this is a pretty good one making the rounds:
It's not a surprising revelation though the reminder I'm sure is infuriating to Mizzou fan.  You see, this cuts to the core of the Border War rivalry.  As a Kansas fan I see a comparison like this and chuckle a little, sure.  But, I don't measure our success against Missouri.  We most often measure our success against North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, UCLA and more recently programs like UCONN and Michigan St.  Perhaps Indiana if we're really slumming.  Success against Missouri is understood.  Part of our birthright as Kansas fans. 

On the other hand Mizzou fan sees this type of comparison and gets angry because he does attempt to measure himself against Kansas.  Mizzou fan's success and failure starts and ends with how it compares to KU.  Have an awful year?  No, not really because Kansas lost to Bucknell.  Was this season a success?  Well, we did beat Kansas once, so yes indeed.

Mizzou fan also gets angry at something like this because that's what he does.  Mizzou fan does not get excited for big games.  He gets angry.  I've seen it dozens of times.  Mizzou fan can not enjoy the modicum of success that is infrequently hung upon him.  Part of this is the infrequent nature of the success--you know, never being there before.  But mostly he's just mad because KU is better than him.  He knows no other way to measure himself and when you think about it that way his only alternate to anger is depression.  Anger is a part of depression in fact.

Lest you think that I'm off base here or even think that this only applies to basketball, let me make a clear point.  This applies to football as well.  I was there for the Armageddon at Arrowhead.  Missouri was victorious, however, there was little celebration.  Mizzou fan came in angry as always since KU, a football program he looks down upon (for odd reasons given the similar levels of historical success), was in position to have a better year in that the year of Missouri's best season ever.  He left relieved more than happy, not fully able to enjoy the glorious victory due the anger built up in anticipation.  Just a couple of weeks later Mizzou fan found new heights of furious when KU was tabbed for the Orange Bowl in 'their' place.  KU, of course, went on to win that BCS game--a thrill Mizzou fan has never enjoyed since his team has never even reached such heights.  It was their best season ever and if you ask Mizzou fan about it you will get one of two responses:

1)  Unbridled anger over KU playing in the BCS game
2)  Rationalization of the success of that season based on their victory over, wait for it, KU

No success or failure in Missouri athletics can be enjoyed or lamented by Mizzou fan without an eye on KU.

I think the ending of the Border War will be good for Mizzou fan.  Hopefully he can learn to behave as a passionate college sports enthusiast, similar to hundreds of thousands of other collegiate sport fans.  Without a fixation on Kansas sports he will be able to enjoy successes and failures (lots of failures!) in proper context.

In actuality though, after the ass-kicking his squad takes tomorrow in the holy Allen Fieldhouse, Mizzou fan might just stay angry for ever.  It's in his nature.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

to the Oscars (2012 predictions!)

Who's ready for the Oscars on Sunday?  I'm excited even as they always (ALWAYS!) disappoint.  I've saw more of the 2011 movies than I had seen in any other recent year thanks to a few theater trips, but most of the films I viewed were via Netflix.  I haven't seen all of the Best Picture nominated films, but I've seen the ones I wanted to see.  I even invoked my 'Blindside' rule and watched one of them (The Help) which appears set to win awards even though I was pretty certain I would hate it (one of my other rules is not having to invoke my 'Blindside' rule more than once a year--sorry War Horse and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  The Academy could help me out here by doing a better job in the Best Picture nominations).  I'll save analysis on that viewing (and others) for my upcoming Best of 2011 post.  I have two more films on my viewing calendar prior to releasing that definitive list of what was good last year so I should get that post up this weekend prior to the telecast.  In the meantime, I wanted to put out my Oscar predictions and Oscar hopes.  I intend to do a lot better this year (I was beat by the only entry in my contest last year....).  Budget cuts have prevented me from guaranteeing a prize to the winner this year, but I hope you'll compete with me in the comments and perhaps I'll come up with something for who picks the best.